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Shaming plug (aye right!)

I stumbled across a flyer furran artiste I've condemned (elsewhere) fur ages.

A particularly tacky photo (that even Loudon Temple would disown) with a reminder that she's playing "Celtic country rock" in the Westport Bar - Sat 20th June 2pm. Google 'Westport Bar'. 408,000 returns.

The 'good news' is that you get IN fur hee haw wi' the flyer. Onny offers?

Edited to insert 'in' in last sentence.
Jim King

On Saturday 20th June, you might want to take in the joyous celebration of the wonderful Bud Neill's creation 'Lobey Dosser'.

Starting in the afternoon at about 12:30 at the statue in Woodlands Road (that's Glasgow nearly-west end) and proceeding (possibly even parading) along the road to Uisge Beatha for entertainment and copious quantities of suitable refreshments. My own invitation made mention of jugs of Famous Grouse but I have no idea about entry fees or whatever. I think it costs nothing to get in and to be there. But to be safe, don't expect access to any refreshment without paying. Smilie_PDT

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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