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Shuggy Vara

Good tae see ye found us Shuggy.

The account's activated now.

Great whiskers, man.
Shuggy Vara

Aye, guid tae be here. Ah goat awfy loast oan thi wey, but here ahm ur now. Sno thi avytar ah wantit, but it'll dae fur now.

Fur thaem as is wundrin, mah da's ok. If yi see eny mountins oan yir travails, it wiz med by thi shoorinss cumpny ooty a wee molehill oan a boat. Numpties.
Rid Sonja

Affy glad yer Da's awright coz ah wiz beginnin tae think that wiz the reason fur yer no postin.  cheers Awso glad it wiz jist a shoorins problem in the end.

Oan anurra matter, ah'll be cheeky n tell ye ah hivny goat that thing thit ye promised yet throo the fast mail...

Apart fae that, wherr's the chokklit?
Shuggy Vara

A) Hing ah wiz tae send - ah thot ahd sentit. Ahll huv anither shot ina minit
B) In thi shoaps

Oh that's good news about your Dad.         Sounds like a bit of a silly bastard insurance company trying to give you all a fright.  I'm glad it's all right.

Nice tae see ye Shuggy.

Glad that yer Dad's oan the mend.

A nice wee article oan Marx fer ye.

Karl Marx may have been wrong about communism but he was right about much of capitalism, John Gray writes.
Shuggy Vara

Awfy guid article, but tha John Grey gadge missed thi point uv Marxism - Freddy & Karl baith sed thit capytilism held thi seeds uvvits ain distruckshin and thit commyism wis a process whit wid divelip fi tha, so theyd no be tha siprozed it JG's terpritashin uv events. Thi state capytilism of USSR and thi monsturcapytilism uv China urny commyism an therfur irrelivint tae thi diskushin ither thin bein also self-distructiv - awreddy seen in thi furst an oan its wey in the ither. Guid tae see a article wi sum grasp uv theery aw the sem.
Ox ya Moron

Hiya Shuggy, lovin yer profile pic.
Shuggy Vara

Ah hink its no bad annaw - cums fi a freen in Wales last year. Shame too meny uv thi bastirts cannae read.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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