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Some music and a few weel-kent faces.

"On 10 November an anniversary concert will be held in the Oddfellows Hall, currently Malone’s Bar, headlined by accordionist and broadcaster Phil Cunningham and featuring such traditional music luminaries as Jean Redpath, Margaret Bennett, Sheila Stewart, Jock Duncan and Scott Gardiner. The event is part of this year’s Carrying Stream Festival, which annually celebrates the life and legacy of the man who masterminded and compered that original 1951 event, the poet and folklorist Hamish Henderson.

The Carrying Stream is in fact marking more than one anniversary – this year is its own tenth, while it is also the 60th anniversary of Edinburgh University’s founding of the School of Scottish Studies, with which Henderson was an early researcher."

More (and the pic) at

This is before my time Onny.

I recognise Hamish and Ian Green of course, but I don't know thw others.
East Coaster

L to R....

Hamish, John Barrow, Alex Campbell, Alistair Clarke(I think), Patsy Campbell, the cute looking one MAY be a young Maxine Allely, and Ian Green.

This was the presentation of the Sandy Bell's Cup which was awarded to Alex that year.

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