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Stairwell Sisters

faroah Sorry I'm a bit late with this, but this group really have the "message"

Just got back from Strachur Village Hall......crammed tae the rafters wi' hairy woodmen sittin there darin' these wee lassies tae entertain them...........They never knew whit hit them, these wee lassies are America's latest secret weapon, in five minutes the audiance were stampin' their feet and clappin' their hands like weans at a picnic, at the end the girls couldnae get aff the stage, they just blew the dourest audiance in Scotland, away.
Strachur had never seen dancin' like it since Half Hung Erchie did his wee jig at the end o' a rope!

Seriously,The Stairwell sisters are an outfit to be reckoned with, just about the best old timey music and dance group that I've heard......They've got everything, beauty, intelligence, energy and most important of all a heartfelt commitment to the music they play and its history.
I've lived  in the West highlands of Scotland all my life, raised on Gaelic music and Highland Dance and it was wonderful to see the girls and one young man bring it all back home.
No excuses to the tradition from this group.....they are the living and breathing incarnation of the tradition.
This was not simply a performance, but an experience that not one member of the audiance will ever forget.
After the concert, I asked a couple of "Roots Music" friends what they thought of "The sisters"....One of them turned to me and said...."Had it been Christmas, the audiance would have wrapped the girls up in tinsel and taken them home"......That just about says it all, Scotland loves you girls.....Haste ye back.
and well done Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop for bringing them to Strachur.

I see the lassies hiv been good enough tae stick maist o' this up oan their site...Ake

Re: Stairwell Sisters

akhenaton wrote:
            Haste ye back.
and well done Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop for bringing them to Strachur.


Mark and Linda from LFW turned up at Dave Francis' Traditional Arts Working Group public meeting in the College of Piping on Tuesday past. Seemed like sensible committed people.

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