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suprisingly good band, folkish

check them out, it's worth it

they're called stray dogg, and I like the video too, it's mellow
Uncle Fester

Are you sure the title of this thread is right Dukat?

The video you've linked to certainly isn't 'surprisingly good', it's just tedious.
Creeping Jesus

"folkish" is stretchin a definition an aw.
Ox ya Moron

Whit dis thi wee song huvtae dae wi trains? Did Ah miss summat? Ah admit Ah didnae lissin tae it aw cos Ah mindit Ah hud sum importint sock perrin tae dae.

Ah spose thit Dookit must be a member ae thi band ur thur promoter. Shame reelly, Ah hink thi wee boy hus a no bad voice. If he kin sort oot his dicshin an get sum songs thit urnae wrist-slittin an intryspectif he cuild huv a future.
Creeping Jesus

Slittin yer wrists generally has a detrimental effect on ye huvin a future Oxy.
Ox ya Moron

Wis Ah that oabvyiss?
Rid Sonja

Surprisngly so fur you, Oxy!

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Reviews
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