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T. S. 4.

faroah Anybody seen the latest offering from the Blackadder/Baldrick stable....Transatlantic Sessions 4?...whit a load o' shite....fuckin "Musak"

Sad thing is, there were some real folkies helpin tae prop up this pile o'pish....Whit wis big Allan thinkin'aboot?

How is it that everything oor heros produce sounds exactly the same?
Is it no' time they got the "bums rush"? An' whos idea wis it tae let Jerry Douglas loose on every song or tune?

The mair ah see o' Blackadder the mair he reminds me o' the deil in Tam o' Shanter........."There sat auld Nick, in shape o' beast;
A towzie tyke, black, grim, and large,
To gie them music was his charge:
He scre'd the box and gart it skirl,
Till roof and rafters a' did dirl."--

An' him an' 'es sidekick are surely presidin' ower the death o' folk

Whit they serve up is borin'.......nae soul an' nae baws!

faroah Jesus!   these guys can even make traditional Gaelic singin' sound like "Country music", did ye see James Graham, wee Julie,  Liam an' Allan, lookin like turkeys on the 24th o' december, while the backin' whizzed, banged and twanged aw aroon them.

Dae they still no' realise that popularisin'/ marketin' traditional music dis it nae  good at aw.

There's only a hanfu' o' us that appreciate the diversity, emotion an' nuance that 's real traditional music.......we're jist gonnae hiv tae live wi' that or risk losin' it aw thegither.

I agree.

"Thingummyjig" was better. At least you knew they were taking the pish.

Any time I've looked in on Transatalantic Sessions  in the past I've found it disappointingly twee and bland, I'd only watch it through choice if there was a particular guest I was interested in, and even then that would be mere curiosity.

However it's been a great commercial success which, means there's a market out there for vanilla flavoured acoustic music, and the BBC ain't gonna slaughter a milk cow just because a few folkies aren't impressed.

But you already knew that.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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