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Tadgers for Tourism! Protest with Penis!

Or similar headlines.   Well, I laughed at the headline at first but I suppose it's sad, really.

Egyptian man cut off his penis and bury him in protest against the decline in tourism

Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:38 pm GMT Print this [ - ] Text [ + ]
CAIRO (Reuters) - The Egyptian-partisan newspaper that a young man from the city of Luxor in the south cut off his penis and buried in the graves after suffering depression as a result of the decline in tourism since the outbreak of popular protests that led to the removal of former President Hosni Mubarak in February.

And the city of Luxor, about 690 km south of Cairo, worked most of her children in the field of tourism as it is the number of the most famous ancient Egyptian antiquities, including the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak, in addition to the large number of tombs of kings and queens of the Pharaohs from the era of the Egyptian empire (about 1567-1085 BC .)

The newspaper (the delegation) party in the early edition of the Sunday that the young man who is 35 years old married and that his psychological state worsened "due to lack of income due to tourism downturn."

The newspaper added that the Luxor International Hospital received the young man in a state of severe bleeding and he had surgery, but "reject any attempts by doctors to re-implant residual limb."

I wonder , though, would it do any good if we all took to cutting bits off ourselves to protest?    Would the nice Messrs. Cameron & Clegg care and suddenly change policies?    

Nah, don't bother.  Rhetorical question only.  :(    Mind, give it a year or two and all low-paid and or on benefit will be cutting off limbs to eat them.

Shit, on reading that again, I'm turning into a right wee Reverend Jolly, nessy paws?   Um, good day and I hope that everyone had a good or at least tolerable christmas.


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