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Tannahill Weavers ....Strachur Memorial Hall

faroah In 1976 I bought my first "Tannies" LP..."The Tannahill Weavers".... seems a long time ago.

I realised they had some magic ingredient that other "Scottish" groups didn't and followed their careers closely, buying most of their LPs through the years.
As they reached "supergroup" status, I had accepted that I would probably never hear them performing live, yet , unbelievably, here they are in Strachur, performing to a full house in the wee Hall where as a boy I had heard the local teachers, joiners and bus drivers entertain the community with Gaelic song and dance music on the accordian.
Tonights gig by the "Tannies" was one of the best that I have ever experienced. They are one of the few groups, who although having produced several classic LPs, actually sound better live, Roys voice having improved dramatically over the years, and the current instrumental lineup is as good as at any time in the history of the group.
All the old favourites were there...."Final Trawl", "Johnny Cope and the Atholl Highlanders", "The Plooboy Laddie" and of course their signature tunes "Geese in the Bog and Jig o' Slurs"

Highlight for me, was Roy's rendition of Jez Lowe's "The Bergin", beautifully sung, to a haunting accompaniment.

If you get the chance, go and see the boys at one of their tour venues.......You wont be disappointed!

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Reviews
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