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The 2010 Tannahill Debate. Mitchell. Mon 8th March 7.30pm

Scottish Literature in the Curriculum The 2010 Tannahill Debate.

Scottish literature is enjoyed and studied internationally, recognised by scholars and historians, read by millions of people world-wide. Yet there is no secure provision that it will be taught in Scottish schools in Scotland and it remains a vulnerable subject in the education system. Scottish History has secured a firm place in the new Curriculum for Excellence but what about Scottish literature?

To debate the issue, we have a lively team of poets, novelists and scholars. Speakers include: James Robertson, prizewinning novelist and publisher of Scots-language books for primary and secondary schoolchildren through the 'Itchy-coo' imprint; Liz Lochhead, Glasgow's Poet Laureate and formerly Writer-in-Residence at Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art, with extensive experience in reading, writing and working in schools and universities; Douglas Gifford, Emeritus Professor of Scottish Literature with long experience of how Scottish literature has been taught throughout the system; and Alan Riach, Professor of Scottish Literature at Glasgow University and a poet, who has taught in many parts of the world, from New Zealand to the USA with comparative experience of how other national literatures are secured in curricula elsewhere.

A wide-ranging discussion about matters vital to the future of Scotland and of interest to teachers, policymakers, writers and all interested in the future of literature teaching in Scotland. This is the first of a proposed annual series. The Andrew Tannahill Debate is supported by Glasgow University's Andrew Tannahill Fund for the Furtherance of Scottish Literature.

7/ 6.

Part of Aye Write 2010

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