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East Coaster

The Carrying Stream Festival.... 4th -11th November, 2009

We're a little earlier this year so as not to clash with Fiddle 2009 (Also, a little earlier).

It's like a super sandwich this year with Fred Morrison (4th) and Malinky(11th) at either end.

However, the filling is also excellent!

Featuring Habbadam, John Carnie, Cathal McConnell, Duncan Wood, & Allan MacDonald, The Outside Track, The Lost Brothers, Gill Bowman "Toasting the lassies", Jimmy Hutchison and Jim Bainbridge, Nancy Nicholson, Margaret Bennett and many more.

Venue: Various between 5-8th Nov... - 8:00pm
Admission: TBC (TBC concession)

We still have to confirm the prices and the venues for a couple of the guests although Thursday and Friday concerts will be held within the Story Telling Centre this year while the Saturday and Sunday nights will be within The Pleasance.

Further update to follow.

Gill Bowman <sighs>
renfrewshire radical

I've got a lapel badge Gill gave me which says "Perfect Lover".

If I can find it I'll bequeth it to you Onny.
Jim King

And remember, <sighs> isn't everything.

Given Onny's obvious admiration for MS Bowman, I thought "I bet she's got red hair". I "googled" her, sorry MS Bowman, and got a YouTube film. Aye, there she was, red hair, right enough. Ye've got good tasty Onny wye.

Without any slight intended to Ms Bowman, where Onny's concerned, having a pulse ticks more boxes than hair colour.

(As does, I've learned recently, not being a member of the WRVS)
Rid Sonja

I've no idea where this is....a clue would be nice - we could play games! bounce cheers
East Coaster

it's run by Edinburg Folk Club. The final programme still has to be refined but the main concerts will be the within Story Telling Centre and Pleasance Cabaret bar.
Jim King

It's in Embra at venues varioso.

edited to add...Ah well, this simultaneous post seems somewhat reduntant
Rid Sonja I understand.  I thought, given that it's EC's thread, that it was Edinburgh, but you never can be too sure, and you?! Thanks for that.drunken

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