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The Folk Club Links Thread

This is a thread for info about and links to folk clubs and nothing else.

We'd like to keep it uncluttered so please post plugs for individual events in a separate thread.

Please don't post comments.


The Catskinners

Star Folk Club, Glasgow

Every Thursday at St Andrews in the Square.

Rolling Hills Folk Club

Thanks catskinners for the posting opportunity.

Rolling Hills Folk Club, King's Arms, Melrose
First and third Fridays of the month restarts September 4th 2009

East Coaster

EDINBURGH FOLK CLUB, Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh

Our little folk club meets every Wednesday although there is a break for the Edinburgh Festival(s) and the Festive season.

The next gig will be on 16th September 2009 with Jenna Reid(I'll edit this afterwards)

Please see

We also have occasional special events such as The Carrying Stream festival in November and concerts on non club nights if we feel that there are opportunities too good too miss.

If you wish to attend regularly, you could do much worse than take out an annual membership. There are great savings to be made.

The Glasgow university only has a facebook and a hotmail email address:


       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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