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The home of the Dulcimer in Scotland ~ since c1543!

Given that the West end of the Central Belt has always been regarded as the home of the Hammered Dulcimer in Scotland, I'm just wondering:
A - if any members here actually play the Hammered Dulcimer?
B - when was the last time any member here actually saw a Hammered Dulcimer being played?

If the history or even the very existence of the Hammered Dulcimer in Scotland is something new to you, you should visit Jack Bethel's excellent:

Madhm na Tiompan

There, you'll see photos of members of the Glasgow Dulcimer Club in action & better still, click on the photo of each member to hear a recording of them actually playing!

If you wish to delve deeper into the history of the Hammered Dulcimer in Scotland, then you need to visit David Kettlewell's brilliant site:

Dulcimer Players and their Instruments

When you click on Scotland in the left hand column, you'll learn not only about the history of the Dulcimer in Scotland, but also about the older players who actually recorded on 78s.
Players like: Bob Smith, J.P. Andrews, Eddie Holmes, William McNally & Dominic McNally.
Plus info on more recent players like the famous Jimmy Cooper & Davie Cooper, Jock McGibbon, James Rodger, John Chapman, Johnny Dorey, James Findlay, Bill MacArthur & David Cloughley.

When you see that the first mention of a Dulcimer in Scotland may well have been way back in 1543, you might be saying to yourself, as the TV advert goes - "Why didn't anybody tell me this before?"

If you actually play the Dulcimer yourself or are simply interested in finding out a little more about this fascinating instrument today, then you might like to check out a couple of my own sites.

Dulcimer Players Forum
European Dulcimer Players

Just for the record, yes I do play the Hammered Dulcimer myself & I reckon Scottish Music sounds pretty darn good on it .... what do you think?

The Braes of Tulliemet, Scarce o' Tatties & Drummond Castle


Nice playing Dick - I would love to hear you and Jack in a duet on the hammer dulcimer.


Thanks David, but I've nowhere near the talent or experience of young Jack!

In any case, the Hammered Dulcimer to me, always sounds better when it is being played along with another kind of instrument or instruments.

Two HDs together can get a bit mushy, to my ears at least.

By the way, I understand Jack retired early recently, so I trust you folks are going to be seeing a lot more of him & his Dulcimer, from now on!


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