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Thursday 14th June @ Hillhead Sports Club @ Hughenden.

That's right folks THURSDAY 14th, not the date I've been telling people, especially Saxy Vet. Sorry.

"A unique chance to hear substantial songwriting skills from the very best.

CLOVA: Guitar, fiddle,mandolin, heart-breakingly beautiful vocals.

STEVEN CLARK: topical, relevant and amusing takes on modern life. Simple, but perfect.

JIM KING: Master of the “story song”. Satire, humour and great guitar skill."

Creeping Jesus

Somebody better film this. I'll still be stuck in horses spittle.
Ox ya Moron

Naebdy filmed it an ye didnae miss much ye huvnae seen afore. Hevver, there's a guid wee show comin up that'll be wurth the visit an thi tickit prices. An Ah buleev thur gonnae fillum it annaw.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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