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Rid Sonja


I am off to the Mitchell... then tonight I'll be off to the Star to see

Jeanna Leslie & Siobhan Miller
Winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award 2008, Jeana & Siobhan excel in the vocal department in particular, both in Siobhan’s lovely lead singing and their beautiful judged harmony vocals, but also with the very fine fiddle playing of Jeanna.
“Saying that Leslie and Miller are wonderful singers with an amazing talent for arranging and harmonies, is a complete understatement. They seem to have an uncanny sense of what will sound beautiful …” Jean Price, The Living Tradition.

I saw these two girls at Stoney in July.  Rather good, I thought. cheers
Creeping Jesus

What a coincidence.

Ah'll be twiddlin the knobs on this yin.

Talent runs in Siobhan's family.

Mention of the The Living Tradition reminds me - has anyone seen a copy in the shops anytime in the last year or so?
Rid Sonja

Naw, but ah'm sure ah saw wan on sale in the Star last week... (ah think...)

Preaching to the converted?
Rid Sonja

Could be... but it could also be that LT is on sale in the shops, but thit ah've just no' noticed it on sale therr.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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