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Tunes etc in the Ben Nevis

I read, elsewhere, that my favourite bar, The Ben Nevis, has secured some Homecoming 2009 dosh to put diddly dee on on the last Saturday night of the month from now till November.

Well done all concerned.

More as I get it.

Is it all going to be diddly dee, or will there be some Fa la la?
Rid Sonja

Will there be a Mamma Mia! night?
Jim King

Is that where all the tunes are in A, B, B, and A?

This is where you want to be, only inside  Smilie_PDT

Rid Sonja

I've been there.  No music on that night unfortunately but it was a nice, cozy, friendly wee bar right enough.

Tonight. Sat 27th June 2009 at 8.30pm

The first TMSA/ Homecoming Session in the Ben is tonight 27th June at 8.30pm

The Ben Nevis Bar is at 1147 Argyle Street on the corner of Corunna Street just west of Finnieston. 0141 576 4204 if you get lost.

Don't forget to check out the Grove chippie (diagonally across the road at the zebra crossing) - one of the best in Glasgow.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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