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Ox ya Moron

UNDEFEATED The Kenny Caird Testimonial

Errsa wee show gettin pit oan fer a guid pal (a few ae yese wull know thi fella) an Ah thocht Ah'd pit a wee note up aboot it...


Nice one, Oxy. Just been to see the man himself and he's well chuffed with the website. He's determined to make the event if he can and give us a song or two.

For those of you wondering who "The Second Hand Marching Band" are - my boy (all 6' 4" of him) is a member and has been encouraged in his music all the way by Mr C (and indeed is the proud owner of several of his "retired" instruments). He couldn't let the event pass without contributing for his daddy's life long best pal. Not quite folk, but a belting brass section and I'm a fan of the wee accordion player who gives it laldy!
Ox ya Moron

Gonnae gie us a call, or answer yer phone? Ah've bin tryin tae get a haud ae ye. Ma pal Jim King needs tae get in touch wi yer wean aboot this.

Plane ticket booked! cheers

If you haven't already, check out!/events/147605038697219/
Ox ya Moron

Thon link wullnae get ye annywhur if yer no a facebookery member. Ah'm hinkin thit Onny's mebbe meanin tae direct fowk tae this...

Whit is aw aboot this...

Whit is thi furst post here. Hevver, if ye ur oan thi facebookery, ye kin spread thi event news aw ower yer ain disperit, faur-flung, billy-nae-pals contacts, ur 'friends' as ye nae doubt like tae talk ae thum.

Oan ye go, spread thi wurd.

Ouch! As links go, mine went - I know not where.

Stick with Oxy's suggestion.

Tell yer pals.

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