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Ox ya Moron

Village life kin be a right drag sometimes

Twelve year auld Redvers Stokes is Britin's youngist drag queen, efter dressin up in his maw's bra, a tight pink dress, blonde wig an high heels tae become "Naughty Nora".

Ah'm bettin thi village preist wis wannae thi judges.

Story here...
Creeping Jesus

Thir's got tae be a rush tae judgement commentary somewhere aboot the transexualisation of the young.
Ox ya Moron

Apparintly this wis in thi Sun an if ye go tae thur website, ye'll see thi comments. Thur aboot whit ye'd expect but this yin... wull ma ghast is jist aboot flabbert...

Mattrudyuk wrote:

When I was a very young child I used to put my poo in the fridge (in the little egg rack), it was my way of expressing myself but that doesn't make it right!  Children shouldn't be stifled but they also should be taught about age appropriateness and values and standards.

Typical Sun reader?
Jim King

You're in here for less than a day and you bring in shit from the Sun? Still the same old Oxy. clown

And regarding people who 'poo in the fridge', I seem to recall a story about you pissing in a wardrobe?
Ox ya Moron

Ye wis telt that in confidince ye bastirt.

If you give a child a stupid name, it's going to end in tears.
Ox ya Moron

Roond aboot St Austell, Redvers isnae nessie celery a stewpit name.

Geography's nae excuse. That'd be like condoning incest in Govan.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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