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We're off up the canal.

Dunno how good or bad this is, but John, Trish and me are going to be stuck on a barge with the TMSA from Possil to Kirky and back tomorrow.
Jim King

I hope you all have a lovely day and there's no need for exclamations like "Far canal".

faroah  Aw ye need is Tony Capaldi an' yer away!!

We'll sail away
At the close of day,
On the Forth and Clyde Canal!

(Bob Smiths Ideal Band)

It was actually rerr fun.

Mick and Irene West and Gavin Livingstone and a big gang of singers -  and a lot, yes quite a lot of drink.

So we managed the whole day and not one Krankie got killt and the Jacobites didn't get their fauts proclaimed either.

I believe somebody sang Dirty Old Town Pogues style, but that was forgivable.

Back to the Polish club when we came ashore (like that? wee nautical term there eh?) and got more merry.

I'd certainly do it again.

... and less than a year till you can do it all again.
Rid Sonja

We can... and we wull! alien

The date for 2012 is set as 28th July.

Same start/ finish locations as last year.

12.00 with 10.00 concessions for TMSA members or unwaged.

Tickets are going fast.

Book via Graham Charlton.

Thanks for the heads up on this Onny.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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