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East Coaster

Wendy Weatherby Trio, Edinburgh Folk Club

Wendy's choice of musical partners is always impeccable.

This time is no exception and her latest line up features none other than multi instrumentalist Steve Lawrence along with Sandy Brechin who will be mainly focusing on keyboards (Hopefully, he'll bring his box too) for this show.


Pleasance Cabaret Bar at 20.00

£8, £7, £5(members)
East Coaster

Read about The Wendy One here.....

and here's a review of her latest album

A Shirt of Silk or Snow

Label: Fellside Recordings; 2010

"Wendy Weatherby is a talented singer, a brilliant cellist and an experienced stage performer in different theatres. She has worked with some of the finest Scottish musicians and published five albums as a solo artist. On her latest CD “A shirt of silk or snow” Weatherby recorded five traditional songs, four original tracks as well as four historical songs (Robert Burns, William Motherwell, Robert Tannahill) and a cover version. She was joined by Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, guitar, whistle, percussion), James Ross (acoustic piano), Pete Clark (fiddle, viola), Bruce Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Linda Adams (guitar, banjo, concertina, vocals).

It starts off with the traditional "Helen O'Kirkconnel", here performed as a beautiful piano ballad with Weatherby's wonderful singing. Burns wrote "Willie Wastle" and Weatherby interprets it solo with breathtaking cello accompaniment. The banjo and guitar driven traditional song "The Gardener" stands out with the two hauntingly beautiful voices and Weatherby's instrumental set "Paddy Parish/Alick's Reel/Jim Trease's" is a perfect showcase for the brilliant musicians. Bodhràn and fiddle set the pace, bouzouki and cello join in and create an awesome sound, somewhere between intoxicating dance tune and classic elegance. Singer/songwriter David Scott wrote the beautiful words for the sad Weatherby song "Yet shall you live" and she sings them with much devotion accompanied only by the soft tones of the piano before viola and cello add their tender playing. Weatherby's cello playing on "Tam's Swagger/Time or Tide/Witches' Dance", another of her great compositions, is awe-inspiring.

Weatherby's reputation as one of Scotland's best musicians and singers will be confirmed by this outstanding CD. The line-up is excellent and the arrangements are perfect. "

Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup (FolkWorld

And check out these guys too


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