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Wur goin' doon the watter...goin' doon the watter furra Fair

The Waverley is heading off on Fair Friday wi' a buncha folkies on board (the kinda thing the Gnats used tae dae years ago).

Loadsa guid muso's. 20 in advance . Buy yer ticket afore ye waste yer siller on a new bilersuit.

Starts and finishes in the Sou Side (so it's no' aw plain sailin')

Tickets an mair info fae Bruce (yes, that Bruce) at Celtic Music Radio
Rid Sonja

ach, we're off to Brampton for the fair...

Haud the bus!

The Waverley paddle steamer has been taken out of service after striking Dunoon Pier on the Clyde.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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